Interview with Amin Pormer, who is also known as PrinceofRealState, a young rising star in the real estate industry

Amin Pormer, who is also known as PrinceofRealState, is a young rising star in the real estate industry. Before moving to California at the age of 15, Amin lived most his life between Dubai and Iran, where his father was well known as a real estate tycoon. Following his father’s death, Amin moved to California in 2012 to follow in his father’s footsteps and build his own legacy from the ground up. We met Pormer in his office on a busy day and asked him a few questions and have a conversation.

I learned about Real Estate all on my own!!

 We asked Amin how he got his start in real estate? He laughed and said “Covid-19! I was studying for my bachelor’s degree when Covid-19 came to our world. Once the lockdowns started and my classes went online, I found enough free time to research about my passion which was real estate. Instead of wasting my time commuting to school, I dedicated my time to learning about real estate on my old laptop and connecting with mentors in the real estate industry.”

I’ve had the most transaction numbers as a rookie in my first year in Los Angeles County!

Even though Amin just started his Real Estate career in February 2021, he was able to close many deals in 2021. When we asked him how he was able to have so many clients in his first year he responded “Mark Zuckerberg plays a key role for me to getting more clients! Most of my followers come from my Instagram account. I put daily short videos on my Instagram page giving general real estate tips to my followers. My followers then DM me or comment on my Instagram posts. From there, I exchange numbers with them via messages and then meet with in person to give them the best service they can get. I’m a young ambitious go-getter. Of course, experience is a factor when it comes to real estate, but nothing ever beats hard work. my clients trust me because they know that I will fight for them much harder than other agents who may not be as hungry or ambitious anymore.”

Now that I’ve figured out my business, I’m going to scale it up in 2022!

Asking Pormer what his plan is for 2022, he responded “In 2022 not only I’m planning to work 10 times harder, but I’m planning to work smarter. I’m envisioning to have my 2021 deals as proof of showcases to gain more credibility in the industry. But that’s not going to be the exciting news. The exciting part is that I’m going to launch my own Real Estate brokerage in the second half of the year. I’m planning to expand my team and have several agents work for my brokerage by the end of 2022.”

If you are interested in doing real estate transactions, you’d better have this young go-getter on your radar. He has the guts and the network to be a superhero in any real estate war room. 2022 sounds like an exciting year for Pormer to continue to build his business dreams