Interesting facts about model Anastasia Belotskaya You never knew


1. She comes from nothing

Really, literally nothing. Anastasia was born in a simple family. She grew up in a ghetto area of Moscow suburbs. Her father is a truck driver and her mother used to work as a real estate agent. The model began her career at the age of 18 while in 11th grade of high school.

2. She never thought she was going to be a model

Modeling has never been her dream. She accidentally met a photographer at a subway station in Moscow, who offered her to take some photos.

3. She is a student at Columbia University.

Yes, an artist herself, Anastasia is an Art History student at Columbia University New York.

4. She is a hippie

Though she never publicly identified herself as a hippie, Anastasia, admitted her spirituality and a strong belief in esotericism. She goes to kundalini mediations and regularly attends Burning Man, an annual event that is based on the principle of radical self- expression, communal effort and leaves no trace. She also paints psychedelic paintings as her hobby.


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