Instagram Celebrity and Advertising Expert Michele Zanello Reveals How to Nurture Positivity as a Tool for Success


Instant feedback can be dangerous, especially when it is negative. It makes us blind to the larger picture, the many other things working well. Coach and public figure Michele Zanello has gained a good fan following on his Instagram page by pointing out the flaw with instant feedback.

Michele Zanello is a emerging social media celebrity and advertising expert. With over 15K following, he is the emerging star on Instagram, and gets many questions thrown at him, some dealing with how to maintain positivity and see the bright side of the picture.

“A positive mindset is the tool that’s necessary to reach your goals. Not many realize this, but those who do have learned to always see failure from the lens of success,” says Michele Zanello.

So one needs to learn to see failure as a positive event. The skill is hard to learn, after all, failure is considered something bad and negative and is seen to reflect something about the person who has failed. But the work needs to be done if success is what one is aiming at.

Deliberate work on our attitude is the first step towards positivity. The effort must be made consciously if it doesn’t happen by itself. To change one’s attitude, affirmation cards can be created as constant reminders and reinforcement. It’s like trying to create what one wants or aspires to be.

The last step to positivity is to see the goodness in the world around us. Too much negative talk, emotions or thoughts can adversely affect one’s own attitudes. It is part of seeing even failure as a good thing, exactly the aim we want to achieve.

“You don’t have to look for the immediate feedback, but keep the focus on the big picture,” says Michele Zanello.

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