Ins and outs of finding the cheapest car insurance the UK.

Sorting out your car insurance premium can be a tricky thing. So many factors affect your monthly premium, it almost seems impossible to be aware of everything that affects the monthly fee you will commit to. There are a variety of criteria that you need to keep in mind when negotiating your premium. That is something that not everyone is aware of, you can negotiate your premium, don’t just accept the premium that the insurance company offers you. Ask questions to figure out exactly what benefits they are offering you and investigate the “fine print” surrounding what you are paying for. The system has been created to specify premiums according to certain guidelines, but there are a few small details that could help you negotiate the best insurance rate.

1. Never leave it till the last minute

If you want to switch between different car insurance companies, you need pay careful attention to your timing. For instance, changing three weeks before your yearly renewal date will give you a better chance at negotiating a cheaper new premium than if you leave it till just one day before the renewal date. Make sure you use a reliable comparison website before changing companies and focus on value for money.

2. Get some cash back

Investigate the various comparison sites, some have special perks when you use them to switch between companies. Other insurance companies will be willing to renegotiate your monthly premium if you could prove to them that if you were to switch to another company, you could pay less. Use your yearly premium adjustment time to browse around for other available deals.

3. Pay upfront

Many insurance companies charge interest on your monthly payments, spread out over the course of the year. Find out how much discount they will offer you for paying upfront. This will force them to renegotiate your monthly premium.

4. Cut down on extras

Click4warranty says Breakdown cover, windscreen cover, theft, driving abroad, personal accident cover, a courtesy car. These are some of the extra benefits that your insurance company will offer you. Each add on has a price. Make sure that you evaluate the necessity of the extras. Every extra will cost you.

5. Check your excess payment amount

The excess amount is the cost that you will have to cover when making a claim. A lower excess amount will mean a higher monthly premium amount. Find out from the insurance company what they can offer you to get a balance between the once-off excess amount and your monthly financial commitment.

By carefully investigating your insurance company options, you could save a substantial amount each month. The easiest way to make sure that you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to insurance companies is to use a trusted comparison website. This will save you from the tedious process of contacting each insurance company individually to find out what they can offer you.