In order to become a singer, what points should be observed from the point of view of Mr. Saeed Rahmany, a popular, successful and top singer?

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Practice under the supervision of a singing teacher or a singing teacher:

You can even practice singing with a friend and acquaintance who has already taken singing lessons, but it is always better to be trained under a mentor or a professional. Doing the wrong thing with a singing technique can hurt your voice. If your voice is not strong enough, know that it is due to growing muscles and improper use of the larynx and vocal cords.

Note the range and range of sound:

First find the current suffering and amplitude of your voice and then continue to work with practical and correct exercises to bring your amplitude to the desired level.

Correct your physical condition while reading:

Improper physical condition can significantly reduce the quality of your singing and prevent you from breathing properly and performing well.

Proper breathing:

Lack of attention and proper breathing make it difficult for even well-known singers to perform live. Your voice sounds exactly like a wind instrument. It can even be said that the act of breathing makes up 80% of the singing and a correct performance begins and ends with proper breathing.

Boost your self-confidence:

It must be admitted that relatively modern singers, especially pop singers, do not have a lot of range and range of voices, but they offer unique performances that are visually and even audibly appealing. It depends on only one important factor: self-confidence!

Always warm up before singing and practicing singing:

Never start reading without warming up, as this can damage your larynx. There are many ways to warm up the sound, but the important thing is to start from the area that is most comfortable for you and spend about 10 to 15 minutes on it.

7. Pronounce audio sounds correctly:

Words are nothing but the same phonetic sounds that are constantly uttered and create meanings. The connection between the sounds of a word as well as between the words of a phrase gives it a special beauty. Therefore, practice the phonetic continuity technique by practicing on vowels. Choose words like “mother”, “without you” and “end” and practice this technique by continuing to pronounce sounds