IN Chandrashekar Rao, Who Started Almost with Nothing But Passion and Skills to Build Attic Space


Whether a  B2B or B2C Business, Chandrashekar Rao knows exactly how to bring success to the business!

Support Of The Family Was the Main Push That Rao Thinks Pulled Him Towards His Present No. 1 Position In the Market. 

After interviewing Sir Chandrashekar Rao, I had realized – was so evident – that his keen interest, passions and dedication only thrived and excelled in the marketing and tech innovation sector.  Finding the right balance between work and happiness, Chandrashekar Rao rose to success as one of the leading entrepreneurs of Bangalore; a technological hub of India, has shown that brilliance of success is attainable with the skills and knowledge of the market that you aim at ruling.  

Presently, Rao is working on a good number of ventures testing his versatility and expertise of the field – his motivation stems from his dreams that foster his whims of achieving the largest spot and position in the market.

Rao believes, “The loss passion for acquirement of skills, expertise and knowledge is a loss for human excellence and global diversity”.

Then, I, holding my pen interestingly in my hands, asked him what the first step he took was. Rao revealed it to me that he shifted from Hyderabad to Bengaluru with the purpose to initiate and expanded his business in the marketing world through measured, intelligent and smart investment decisions. He gained mastery in the field, and his success stories became the talk of the town making him as one of the renowned and respectable names among the Bangalore Founders.

There were shared workspaces in the market already, which happened to rather pause the productivity of many employees due to the discomfort, uncleanliness and inflexibility issues. No one would appreciate beans, nuts or toffee wrappers on the sofas where important project is going to be discussed. Many other issues also sprung up at these co-working office spaces such as crowds, noise, queues for bathrooms and canteen etc. So, shared co-working spaces became impractical as the managers were faced with all these real-estate related issues. 

Chandrashekar Rao was involved in the residential property, and he had successfully developed few large residential projects, which gave him the confidence, experience and expertise to enter the shared co-working space real estate agency field.  

Rao took an outstandingly fabulous initiative and established a firm named Attic Space that shows its open support for the SME and Enterprises by providing comfortable, relaxed and fully customized and managed office spaces – taking care of all the office related issues. However, aiming at removing these issues and shouldering the responsibilities of the multinational companies and small enterprises, Attic Space took up the responsibilities of the office spaces by providing housekeeping services, various amenities and facilities – freeing the both, small and large companies, of the maintenance issues and giving them with a platform where growth and development of their organization would be ensured with consistent, devoted, dedicated and determined hard work. 

Attic Space is a company, interestingly Rao had me known that, that initially had an office small space in Koramangala, and now the same business has grown to occupy the 13 locations with giant clients such as Rippling, CashFree, Analytics Edge, Routematic, Cyllid Technologies, CCO Crane, Cervelloe and many more.

Office Spaces, offered by the Attic Spaces, are located in the prime locations. Clients have found the places as very comfortable, relaxed and exceptionally convenient. CEOs have admired and given thumbs up to the office spaces offered by the Attic Space as the places are fully managed and maintained. Thus, everyone enters the offices with one motto: growing their business, and concentrating upon the development of their organization.

While explaining his aspirations and hopes for his highly successful business venture, Rao hoped, “By 2020, Attic Space will be establishing and listing 50 Office Spaces All Over India – not only dreaming to attain out success, but aiming to help the new startups and multinational companies to drive their success in our professionally and brilliantly setup office spaces”.

While interviewing Rao, I had understood that he has taken all the opportunities, and his decisions led to the higher success due to his innovative, creative, imaginative and enormous ideas and executions along with his thorough knowledge of the market. Considering his epitome of success, his styled ventures are considered one of their kinds.

Upon questioning about his other successful projects, I got to know that Chandrashekar Rao has made investments into large projects such as Attic Lounge – this particular project was a venture undertaken along with the friends. Attic Lounge is a place for the young crowds to hang out and chill. There are two important locations of the Attic Lounge; one is located in Koramangala , Started a few years back and another is situated in the Uttarahalli , Just Launched . Both of these lounges have become a “classic, elite and a renowned” place to chill for the younger crowds. Among the younger section of the society, Attic Lounge’s popularity has grown considerably so much so that Attic Lounge has become a brand.

Rao also let me know that he has a good number of projects in the pipeline.

 “The more we respect – even celebrate – diversity, the more unified we become as a team. More importantly, I learned the importance of self-reflection in leadership; it took introspection to identify my shortcomings and willpower to overcome them,” he says.

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