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Ileana Hernandez, an attorney and partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips law firm has been accused of racketeering conspiracy in a $1.1B lawsuit filed by a mental health care services provider, Sovereign Health Group. The lawsuit, which was filed by the lawyers of Sovereign in the US District Courts has named five individuals and four business entities as the defendants. The full complaint against Ileana Hernandez can be accessed at this URL > https://bit.ly/3g7Aqp7

The charges made against the defendants in the lawsuit include racketeering, conspiracy, and slander among others. The allegations made in the said lawsuit confirm that Ileana Hernandez knowingly participated in a malicious conspiracy hatched by the officials of Manatt’s client, Health Net LLC, and later supported and carried out at the behest of NASDAQ listed, Centene Corporation, Health Net’s parent company.

The defendants, including lawyer Ileana Hernandez, are said to have deliberately chosen Sovereign as a target as it blew the lid off Centene’s attempts to keep Health Net’s failing financial health and outstanding liabilities under cover. Centene’s investors and shareholders were systematically told lies so as to artificially inflate its stock prices in the markets and enable its senior officials including CEO Michael Neidorff to earn millions.

The defendants, including lawyer Ileana Hernandez, were successful in their conspiracy and were able to drive Sovereign Health Group out of business in 2018. They are said to have caused irreparable reputational harm to Sovereign by spreading lies and rumours about its business and professional practices without any evidence.

The defendants, including lawyer Ileana Hernandez, are also said to have planned and made false representations to federal agencies against Sovereign. They were successful in misleading some FBI officials through their. This resulted in the FBI initiating an investigation against Sovereign and conducting a physical search of its premises.

This one incident proved to be the most harmful for Sovereign as it literally drove all its patients away and ruined its reputation. What is remarkable about this whole charade is that the FBI didn’t find anything remotely incriminating against Sovereign in its investigation.

However, the negative media coverage against Sovereign managed by the defendants was extremely detrimental and proved to be the proverbial last nail. As a result of the web of lies spun by the defendants including lawyer Ileana Hernandez, Sovereign’s reputation was so tarnished that it had to close down its business in 2018.

This has become the basis of Sovereign’s demand for a jury trial against all the defendants including Ileana Hernandez and an amount of $1.125 billion as compensation for damages.

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