How VIN number could help when buying pre-used Car


VIN stands for vehicle identification number that tends to highlight all the important information about a car. It entails information like model year, country of origin, serial number and the place where it was initially manufactured. Such information is extremely helpful in buying pre-used cars as one can access the important information about the car they are willing to purchase.  VIN or Vehicle Identification Number has 17 digits and for a layman it might be extremely confusing to decode.

There is a set pattern that can be used to decode the meaning behind the VIN of every car that you have. Follow the information mentioned below:

  1. First 3 digits help in the identification of the car manufacturer.
  2. Digits 4-8 help in the identification of the model and the engine type that has been used.
  3. Digit 9 is a code shared by the manufacturer to signify the authenticity of the VIN number that the car has.
  4. Digit 10 is the year in which the model was introduced in the market.
  5. Digit 11 highlights the plant where the car was assembled and manufactured before it was introduced to the world at large.
  6. Digit 12-17 is the serial number of the automobile in question.

Why VIN number is important to purchase pre-used cars?

Many people often fail to check the VIN number before buying pre-used cars. There are reasons why looking at even once is of utmost importance.

It helps the person get an idea about the credibility of the car. VIN number can help you ensure that the car that is being purchased is authentic. Do match the VIN number mentioned on the car with the one that was mentioned on the VRD i.e. vehicle Registration Document. If the number is not matching with each other then don’t even think about purchasing the car. Many criminals and thieves that deal in selling cars that are stolen tend to forge documents. Buying cars with forged documents can put you at risk.

The VIN number can also help you in tracking the history of the vehicle. It will enable you to get an idea whether tax has been paid on the car in question or not. If you are purchasing a car through a dealer then they are likely to provide you with all the important information. However, if you are purchasing it directly from the owner then it is better to go through the reports yourself.

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