How to write a rap text ?! Comment of Amir Naseri, a well-known Iranian rapper

The subject for writing a rap text is the beginning of an artistic story, rap is the expression of facts, shortcomings and anomalies in the form of ambiguity and poetry with rhymes aligned with multiplication. Writing rap lyrics is one of the most important steps, having a good voice is one of the main factors of rap reading, but you should be able to: from rhythm, rhyme, how to combine and edit your voice to improve your style and higher Use the effect of your text.

 How to write rap lyrics

Use character experiences to make the subject matter unique to your rap lyrics. Rajab should not write something that you are not fully aware of. The usual range of rap text is 16 strokes or 8 bits, or the size of 8 regular lines per verse.

Select a topic to write rap lyrics

Social situation

emotional relationship

life conditions

The surroundings

And anything else, whether hopeful or frustrating, that you can easily relate to.

 Skills and how to strengthen rap and reading lyrics

Try to constantly engage in your mind with the rap text you wrote and try to constantly create rhymes, even if you seem irrelevant and weak, you will still come up with new and interesting rhymes and as a result your Chinese word art will Browsing will be stronger. Rhyme depends only on your own creativity and talent.

After writing the rap text, read it several times with the desired beat.

Because, when you read the whole rap in one piece, you find and correct the points where your rap text is not coherent enough, or is irrelevant to your topic.