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Starting your own business is a huge experience of your life and sharing this experience will surely help others start their own businesses. Here’s the story of a young entrepreneur who not only started his business but with his hard work he achieved everything in his life and now he is the owner of a car detailing business. He is also sharing his experience with others and conducting classes for this purpose to teach youngsters how to start a car detailing business and how to gain success in this business.

Shaquille Hinkson started his training class, where students would love to come from across the world. Due to this pandemic, he couldn’t teach his students in person, so he decided to start an online class where students can still learn different amazing skills and tricks about how to start their business. The online training made it super convenient for those who wanted to learn from him but couldn’t travel out.

He started his career when he was 17 years old as labor at a car wash station, but his boss didn’t recognize his abilities and fired him from the job. This becomes a turning point for him. He started his own mobile detailing. Soon his business started moving towards success and growth and he started more trucks to enhance his business and hire some hard-working employees as well. He knew that advertising is an essential thing to gain success in any business. So he adopted some tricky advertising methods to apply to his business. As a result, he was able to make his company Nick’s professional touch a well-known in Long Island.

He realized that he needs a shop to wash cars in winter because it is difficult to wash a car outdoor in cold weather. He already started making all parts in his own kitchen. But it was not enough. He needed a shop now to run his business successfully. Soon he was able to build a shop. As the shop became more popular he started offering more than just detailing. Now he is offering full customization to all cars. From color-changing vinyl wrapping cars to tinting windows powder coating wheels, painting, and repairing bodywork. It’s a complete one-stop-shop for car owners.

 About him – 

His name is Shaquille Hinkson and he is 27 years old. He was born in Brooklyn NY and now lives in the Hamptons of Long Island. He owns a huge detailing company called Nicks Professional touch, where he offers professional detailing on high-end cars. He started his business 10 years ago. He also has his own car detailing product line which is called Nicks Professional Supplies. He distributes his products to all major car wash and detailing companies around the world. He also has an educational class where he teaches students how to open up their very own detailing business as well. The name of his class is Nicks Professional Education. He wants to spread his business around the world. This is his huge dream and aim of his life and now he is struggling to achieve this goal.