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Sometimes people just want a story to talk about, something to bring joy to the group, something inspirational. That may sound nice however it may not always be true. This is especially important when you are talking about someone. They want to talk about something that gives them hope. People often find such stories interesting because they are appealing in a dramatic sense.

One such story is of Saeed Moosa, a man of ambition. He had an average childhood, he was living with content and there were no particular problems in the life of saeed Moosa. He was an average student at the school and studied and did his best in a relaxed manner.

Sense of maturation

As time passed Saeed Moosa felt that the traditional system of education is just making robots that have no feelings, they are being upheld to standards of the society that although may be beneficial for some is not the right thing for saeed. This realization made him stand up and move against the current, this young person from Johannesburg city of South Africa took a bold action off leaving education at the age of 18.

He noticed that there are several subjects that are being taught at the school and that there are several students who were cramming them, memorizing them with no basic understanding of how these subjects will help them in the practical life. Saeed was not particularly great in any subject. He was of a mindset that was unique, that didn’t want to work under someone else as an employee and get a salary at the end of the month for slaving himself off the entire month. There was nothing interesting in this sort of life for Saeed. He said that:

Society believes that you should finish school, get a degree, and go to work from 9-5 in a ‘high paying job’. The thing was that I was not interested in a single subject and it did not make sense to me to learn certain subjects which would not help me in everyday life.”

Saeed Moosa had his mind made and with all these justifications he left the traditional way of achieving the success the so called society wants. To work from 9 to 5 against your will? This whole question itself was a hilarious concept for Saeed Moosa.

The beginning of something new

At the tender age of 20 saeed entered the world with a fresh mind and a new spirit and took interest in the field of marketing and sales. He first got involved in the direct sales and from here his career kicked off, he made a great profit out of selling these products, this gave him the motivation he needed in moving forward towards achieving his goals. If a man finds something that is beneficial for him and he sees that this will be great for him in the future then that man will strive, struggle and will not be scared of getting that dirt under his skin.

In a very short span of time he achieved great results and then he started realizing that the new age of technology is all about the convenience of people, so then he took the sales and marketing thing to the internet where he immediately got such a great response form a number of clients that enabled him to build a team of several thousand members. This network chain that he developed helped him to reach the farthest end of the world and make sure that his message is delivered to as many persons as possible.

Experience is the best teacher

This is so true because nothing can make you learn the things you want to learn better than by witnessing it and then doing it yourself. Take the example of the cycle, you may know what to do, how the brake is applied but unless and until you don’t do it yourself, you don’t ride the bike yourself then you are never going to learn. In the word of the man himself:

All journeys start from somewhere and I had taken up some online courses on marketing and advertising which led me to use the internet as a vehicle to drive traffic to my products and services.”

Contrivance and building relations

Saeed noticed that the people who are in this field are learning a lot of things, they are going to special tutors, going to colleges and universities and receiving these great honorary degrees and all that, but when it comes to practicality they are like a baby that had just been born. This is the difference between Saeed and those who are around him; saeed was the kind of person who wanted on hand experience to teach him the ins and outs.

For many years I was barely getting by; however I always stayed focused, determined and took massive action in whatever project I had started. I see too many people in my field learning, but not implementing. The implementation is where it begins then you will get the results,”

The next thing that is important if you want to be successful is to get rid of the toxic mind and the thoughts of jealousy, keep in mind that just because you took an action that snatched away the opportunity of another and became a hindrance in their path of achieving success then know that you yourself will not achieve your goal. If you want to be big then make sure that you help others.

If your only goal is to make money for yourself, the journey will become very difficult. If your goal is to help others, the journey will become very easy. Money is always the by-product of value, so having the correct mind set, will ultimately benefit you in the long term.”

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