How Overcoming Fear Is the Key Towards Achieving Growth and Success; Kareem Hassan Shares His Insight

Fear and uncertainty are two of the most notorious causes of failure. The unwillingness to indulge in ventures whose risks are unknown seriously hinders growth. If people overcome this fear, they will soar to heights more extraordinary than they imagined possible. Kareem Hassan, a successful 3D printing service owner and collectibles trader, spoke with us on how fear causes the stagnation of growth and development.

Kareem Hassan is a 29-year-old living in New York. His is a story of conquering fear and achieving success. Having forsaken his college education, he had to find means of getting income. “I always held an interest in comics, toys, and other collectibles, even as a child,” he starts. Kareem adds that had he been afraid of embarking on the collectible trading journey, he would be where he is today. “Fear can convince one not to take a meaningful step, making him remain static in whatever he does.”

Kareem Hassan says that he never let fear get to him. “I always believed that this venture would constitute a meaningful future for me.” He adds that from the time he decided to go all-in, he started going to more fairs and built more robust relations with vendors. “One learns a lot through trial and error,” adds the businessman who has since paid off his siblings’ debts while managing to retire his mother from formal employment.

Kareem has always been driven by the desire to work for himself doing something he is passionate about. “Many people are afraid of the uncertainties in business and are therefore attracted to the security that comes with the guarantee of a paycheck,” he opines. He goes on to say that it is this fear that makes people never realize their true potential.

Kareem Hassan offers mentorship for all budding businesspeople willing to venture into collectibles trading. As a person who has gone through it all, his insights on overcoming the fear that lies within most people to truly achieve their potential will go a long way in inspiring the masses.