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Korab Kozgori

“We rise by lifting others”

Helping is one of the fundamental qualities a human can possess. To be successful one must aim to help others no matter its knowledge, ideas, money, or efforts. This is the most rewarding thing without a second thought, and the fulfillment you get after helping others is a thing on its own. Being successful goes in vain if you are wealthy, but is of no use for the people around you. Helping others achieve their goals and dreams is what makes you more compassionate, down to Earth, and you get more success in your life. One such helping person has been Korab Kozgori. He has always had a vision of its business to help other people change their lives. 

All this started when Korab was very young. Just after graduating from college, he started his first business. At that time, he came up with the idea of opening a clothing store. He was on point at it. The company began to grow and was a success. After 8 years of success and stability, the Korab was contacted by a large European company. He received the offer to sell his company was overwhelming, so he gave it up with the thought of starting a new adventure. He took a break and went off to enjoy with his wife. 

During his retirement time, he came up with a new challenge yet a great idea. This was when he started network marketing. He always wanted to impact others’ lives by using his knowledge and driving others’ growth, and now he had a great chance to do it. Here came one more challenge, and this was the language barrier that was between Korab and the place he wanted to start. For this purpose, he strived hard and learned Spanish, and now he is such an expert at it that he can address a large crowd without fumbling. His passion led him to overcome all the challenges. All he knew was to help people change their lives. Today, he is the founder of the company Delta, which impacts the lives of over 70 thousand families with more than 1,500 members to reach the goal where each person grows and helps others succeed.

To help others and add value to their lives, he never stops fighting and overcame every obstacle that came his way. He made a great effort to reach further each day and impact as many people as he can. His company, Delta’s goal, is to train 100 Chairmans, and for that, Kozgori is working even hard. What he wants is that each member of his team gets to attain the results he has now.


Korab Kozgori is an entrepreneur who has achieved great results in the fashion industry at a young age and is now a reference in Network Marketing in Latin America. At the time of his retirement, he was able to come up with the right mindset and adapted to new challenges. 

They identified the new challenge as an excellent opportunity for growth, and now they help others change their lives.

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