How gamification can be a new mode of teaching?

Unised International has bought a new method of teaching in their school i.e. Gamification. It refers to the set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements. As quoted by Walt Whitman –“Do anything, but let it produce joy”. So, we have included this technique for educating your child.

We have adopted this method because it develops recreation and development inside your child.   Games improve memorizing ability as you have to go through similar stages and pattern in order to achieve higher levels. Moreover, it makes internet and its navigation familiar to your child as well as handling of keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. Another benefit of game based learning is that it helps in developing your strategic thinking and enhances problem solving as you have to think few steps ahead before carrying out a task. Your hand eye coordination is also sharpened as you have to look at the screen and control your mouse or joystick in parallel.

Nowadays, institutions focus so much on their merit list that they teach students how to gain good grades. For the sake of their reputation they start peer pressuring and developing cramming habits in students. This ultimately results in anxiety, depression, headaches and other mental and neurotic disorders. You can think and explore better if your mind stays healthy. And to stay healthy you must stay away from negative atmosphere, pressure and stress.

This innovation can maintain practice habits. For example, it becomes boring and difficult to revise all the chapters in 2d. You can’t read an uninteresting theory again and again. So, for better retention and smart understanding games can help you in revision of chapters as you have to apply similar logics and tricks while playing inside a game. And by fact we all retain better what we see or what we are involved in than what we merely hear or read. It’s a difficult thing to retain 1000 words but it’s easy to remember the game patterns and critical sequences of a game.

When you do something that involves fun you can do that well. Research to date suggests that playing games can change the brain regions responsible for attention and visuospatial skills and make them efficient. Gamification, therefore can be a savior if your child dislikes reading or hard working.

It also develops smart working skills because to work smart you must have a beforehand practice of the situations and regular practice of the problems in terms of real life experiences. “The counter institutive secret of getting things done is to make them more automatic so they require less energy.” wrote Tony Schwartz. Thence, games make a student to deal and overcome eleventh hour problems.

Your mind works faster while gaming as you think in different directions and two steps prior before moving ahead. It develops your reasoning and logical ability that is a need for numerical based subjects. Children who lack in these subjects lack due to poor time management in problem solving or the obstacles they face in finding logics to problems. All measurements, angles, degrees, and other parameters of calculation can be made stronger by involving yourself into the place about which you have to find the solution.

This technique is far better than 2d education strategies and methods. As they lack real world experiences, exploration and practical knowledge. This can bring a revolution in maintaining a child’s quantitative and reasoning aptitude. To learn, to develop or to acquire something is easy but to maintain is what people forget and ultimately result is losing what they have achieved. So, to maintain your revision and recreation this technology is a boon.