How Faisal Sharaf overcame the odds and become a leading digital marketing trainer

The soaring popularity of social media has made it an essential platform for companies to absorb into their marketing strategies. The proliferation of business marketing on apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have revolutionized the way companies create brand awareness, augment reach, and connect with the target audience. A digital marketing specialist and trainer, Faisal Sharaf asserts, “It has become imperative for businesses to promote their product or service online for marketing efficacy and reach a global audience. An online presence is also a cost-effective marketing strategy, target-oriented, and helps to gain an edge over competitors and measure results.”

Born in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1979, Sharaf graduated with an MBA degree in Marketing and began his career as a Marketing Consultant. Over the course of 15 years, he noticed the rapid rise of digital marketing in the corporate world and its profound impact on business. “Spending a large part of my career in the field of marketing, I realized the importance of having an effectual digital campaign that gives small businesses leverage to generate leads, increase conversions and yield profit.”, he says.

Recognizing the lack of digital marketing knowledge in the region, Sharaf seized the opportunity and underwent training to become a certified Digital Marketing trainer. He started working with The Kingston Business Academy in the capacity of Regional Manager and Social Media Trainer and since then has gained a formidable reputation as a trainer and influencer. The academy delivers various courses pertaining to marketing strategies, business skills, career development, and corporate leadership.

Sharaf has trained various individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals on the importance of digital marketing and utilizing relevant skills and techniques to start their career as digital marketers or launch their own business. Harnessing the power of social media platforms, he has helped several small businesses grow exponentially by crafting potent digital marketing strategies and customized campaigns to elevate the brand and connect with consumers successfully.

Witnessing a surge in the number of his clients, Sharaf aims to promote the effectiveness of investing in creating a digital footprint to widen consumer base and business growth by offering private training and consultancy services.