How cosmetic dentist Dr. Armand Amselem established leading clinics across 3 countries

Everyone with a degree in Dentistry knows how hard-pressed it is to be able to establish a successful clinic. So it comes with a bit of a surprise to find out that Dr. Armand Amselem is the owner of leading clinics in 3 countries across Europe. At only 33 years old, he shares his journey and his secret to success.

Dr. Armand Amselem graduated with a degree in dentistry from the European University of Madrid in 2014. He then worked in Athos Mons Dental Clinic for a year in France while finishing his Oral surgery qualification in Toulouse. After another year of practice, he opened his first clinic in France in 2016. The Villeneuve Le Roi Dental Clinic is the leading clinic for general dentistry, implants, surgery and cosmetic dentistry till date.

After 2 years of successful practice, Dr. Armand had established a team of experts to handle his clinic in France and he moved to Spain. He successfully established Omega Dental Clinic in Malaga, Spain which is considered to be one of the top establishments for general as well as cosmetic dentistry treatments. Today, he has a team of 25 people running his clinics with hundreds of satisfied patients. They offer services including ceramics, veneers, implants as well as dental surgery. He is all set to expand his business with his own clinic in London in 2021.

From a young age, Dr. Amselem knew he was capable of perfecting intricate work with precision. “I knew I didn’t want a normal 9-5 office job. I love the freedom this job gives me- this is why I work in 3 countries”, remarks Dr. Amselem. He built this career from scratch as he started right from 0 after his degree in Madrid. He always knew that he wanted a life where he could travel, practice dentistry and still have the freedom to enjoy the finest things. The avid globetrotter in him also enjoys the regular travel between France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Armand Amselem believes patient satisfaction is the highest bar to measure up to. Dr. Amselem personally trains and overlooks the staff in his clinics. All his clinics also havethe latest technological equipment. His key to success is to adopt daily habits and practices that help you improve and perfect yourself, little by little.