How An IT Prodigy, Sageer Nelliparamban Changed Payment Technology

Online payment transaction apps come in handy when you have to handle your time-consuming activities of sending and receiving money. When the question about surfaces, the transaction applications tend to be slow and complicated!

As it’s the case with most applications, while they solve our problems and make transactions easier for us, they are still wrapped up with many issues. Writing checks has been proven to be the most efficient way for enterprises to move forward; let’s take a look at the relevant gist of the article.

Enter Online Check Writer

It all started when a Sabeer Nelli, a former pilot, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience, noticed the problems mentioned above and began to look for a possible solution. He then contacted a systematic software engineer, Sageer M Nelliparamban, with ten years of expertise in petroleum enterprises and organizations.

With the programming/development abilities of Sageer M Nelliparamban and calculated decision making of Sabeer Nelli, they came up with Online Check Writer. In this online transaction application, you and many large-scale enterprises can safely carry out large transactions without worrying about the common issues related to transactions. Let’s discuss the features of the Online Check Writer.

1. Online Check Writer Costs Very Less Compared to Other Transaction Applications

When the Application was launched, it came off as very revolutionary, as it changed the way how businesses interacted with one another. It saved tons of money, which would otherwise be spent on paying other transaction apps such as PayPal or Visa. This enhanced the efficiency and smoothness of the digital market.

2. Online Check Writer Provides a Safer Experience

OCW uses AI in its transaction management to prevent forged or scam or unauthorized from taking place. It identifies and blocks the forged transaction before reaching the bank, hence keeping your account safe, not only that it allows you to reconcile your checks.

The technology used in the Application is optimal and up-to-date and is affiliated with the Tyler Petroleum corporation. The Application was initially developed by Sageer and his team for Tyler Petroleum, but then the company wished to share the applications with people with the same issues.

3. Online Check Writer is fast and Efficient

OCW swiftly converts paper checks to instant digital checks; it’s already integrated with all the major banks from the US and other international banks, without requiring any transaction fees. It can also print and mail customer’s checks without having them to leave their desks.

Why OCW Is A Game Changer?

The Application has thoroughly changed the transaction and payments technology in the USA and the international markets after being launched. The OCW routinely gets over 300-350 customers daily with large scale transactions; within the last 18 months, the OCW has carried out over 5 billion worth of transactions worldwide. The Application aims to reach out to the small-scale business and lend money to them and make the transactions easier and smoother for them as they grow exponentially.