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Chilly winds, heavy downpours, and rapid snowfall accompanying low temperatures mark the beginning of the winter season. Winters bring a challenging and tough time for vulnerable refugees, orphans and widows, and those living below the poverty line. The winter season usually brings with it starvation, diseases, and to an inevitable extent, deaths. It gets even more difficult for already suffering poor people to survive the harsh climates. The winter season proceeds with innumerable families hoping they can all stay alive by the end of it.

Approximately 150 million individuals are reported to be homeless globally, and around 1.6 billion people lack sufficient housing facilities. One cannot even imagine the extremity of trouble homeless people must go through during harsh temperatures accompanied by snowy days and rainy nights. Around 4.8 million Syrian refugees are spending their sixth winter without homes away from friends and family, underneath the wide-open spaces or perhaps in Jordan and Lebanon’s tent villages. Without appropriate clothing and preparation, low-income families strive to remain warm and continuously battle the winter surface temperatures. Unfortunately, tragic losses arise from lack of winter staples, malnutrition, and sickness.

The annual ‘Global Winter Provisions Program’ of HHRD intends to continue providing winter essentials to help vulnerable families survive the winter months. The Middle East North Africa (MENA) teams from HHRD have already been on the ground delivering “Winter Relief” parcels to those in dire need of blankets, coats, gloves, socks, and heating systems, fuel, and much more. Besides that, HHRD has also supplied In-Kind Gift containers that carry stock of winter clothing and toys for refugees, homeless people, and poor people in Jordan. These donated goods also include blankets, covers, gloves, scarves, and other winter essentials. Pakistan is home to around 2 million refugees who face the dilemma of brutal winters and scorching summers in extreme conditions due to poverty and lack of adequate housing. HHRD’s support teams help them reach out to such vulnerable families in Pakistan and help them with their ‘Winter Relief Program.’ HHRD’s winter relief packages include necessities such as jackets, warm clothes, bedding, thermal heaters, hats and gloves, socks, and non-perishable food items.

HHRD carries out the entire process in a very efficient and systematic manner. Foreign HHRD teams and verified partner NGOs receive financial grants from HHRD USA to buy winter supplies locally, particularly for refugees, the homeless, orphans, and other vulnerable individuals. The team selects the latest goods at efficient market prices with appropriate requirements evaluations and quality control. HHRD provides discounted coupons to vulnerable families, so they enjoy a different experience like winter shopping. This way, HHRD fulfills their needs and keeps their morale high as they are not receiving charity but purchasing products at discounted rates. As winter temperatures are approaching, HHRD encourages everyone to think about the needy and homeless people when they go out to shop for winter apparel for themselves. HHRD’s efforts can be impactful and successful only through consistent donations from people all around the world.

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