Here’s How Cyborg Ape Dynasty Got People Interested In Their NFTs & Community

The rising popularity and dominance of NFTs in every sector proves how profitable and trustworthy this space is becoming. One such successful example of a highly anticipated NFT project is the Cyborg Ape Dynasty. CAD has become a favourite amongst many investors in the past few months with its easy access, growing community, and generous rewards. 

In the past 4-5 years, the metaverse has become the new change and with it has changed the style of doing business. It has become a new world order, and apes are rapidly becoming an integral part of the crypto world. So far, Cyborg Ape Dynasty has a collection of 10,000 NFTs which live on the ethereum blockchain. 

How did they go about creating their community? In a creative style, the team of Cyborg Ape Dynasty shares, “Anyone who has refused to change has been subjected to the metaverse’s wrath. Apes from all across the world are succumbing to the new world order’s devastation. As a result, their king and his council issued a proclamation, which many saw as a ray of hope, a chance to live. 10,000 apes will be chosen and drafted to the Ethereum blockchain to join the fight, but the council will want some improvements first. They will be reincarnated as half apes, half cyborgs, hungry to conquer and defend their clan and kingdom when flesh meets metal. They must be prepared for a world engulfed in a race of chaos and power.”

The team further adds, “Now do not be mistaken, dear reader. They are not here to pick up the crumbs and scraps left behind. They’re here to rule with an iron fist, to take the top spot, to last more than any club, crew, or team, for they are a dynasty.

The choice is yours. For king and glory!”

Cyborg Ape Dynasty conducts bi-weekly giveaways to keep their community engaged and interested. They always plan exciting activities for people, which leads to good word of mouth. In return, word of mouth helps CAD widen the number of people subscribing to their NFTs. 

One can learn more about them on their website here –