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Nicky Taschew’s company VolumeX led him to become a leading entrepreneur in network marketing, financial, and online educational fields.

In the fluctuating world of share-market, forex, and cryptocurrency trading, to build a successful career, one needs grit and determination. To become an entrepreneur in the share and forex trading, one must have the astute knowledge and an innate understanding of the market trends. One entrepreneur has emerged as a leading name in the European network marketing industry with hard work and determination; he is Nicky Taschew.

Nicky has been a student of psychology and international business and followed a typical path in his career, but always had a likening to become an entrepreneur. Nicky followed the path of trial and error in the industry and was introduced to the field of cryptocurrency by a friend in 2015. Nicky latched onto that and conducted concrete research regarding it. From working on the affiliate bitcoin company, Nicky’s strategies yielded more than 15 million in sales, and he became one of the successful entrepreneurs in the network marketing and financial fields. The astounding success inspired Nicky to start his own company that would offer people education in crypto trading, called VolumeX (https://volumex.io/).

VolumeX is a leading company which is an online educational platform in Europe, and also deals with cryptocurrency and forex trading. Nicky Taschew is the co-founder, head of sales, and marketing strategist of this successful enterprise. Nicky provides his expertise in content marketing, business strategy, and consultancy to distributors and customers.

Nicky has been actively helping people to become better in all aspects of life; he guides and provides them with innate market knowledge of forex and bitcoin trading. This facilitates them in getting supreme investment strategies, in turn, earning them earn more income. His online educational portal has helped thousands of up and comers in the share market industry, which imparts innate expertise to build a big networking business. Nicky has been involved in devising strategies to combat the unknown market forces and has moderated various trends that affect the bitcoin and share market industry. He has strong market awareness and innovatively comes up with strategies to transform the bitcoin investment business. So far, VolumeX has earned a loyal customer base of 10,000, who have drawn their path to success with the e-learning portal’s trading educational services and personal development tools. And, for the next mission, Nicky is planning to expand his business to many different parts of the world with international business partners and clients, moving ahead with the aim to garner another 10,000 customers.

It is Nicky Taschew’s hard work, grit, and determination that have made him a successful Fintech entrepreneur, leaving no stone unturned to make his firm reach greater heights of success in the coming years.


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