Hajjar hady – Personal Parties boast of Fun, Elegance and Style

The entertainment industry is huge. It is a vast ocean where loads of creative and active people put their best and shares amazing entertainment content. It is not just the actors that count. There is a whole team involved from producers to managers who make everything possible. Hady Hajjar, a very big name works superbly well in the industry. He is one such person, who has seen it all. He has developed a commendable career but putting his precious 20 years of his life. He works with his own establishment HuManagement in partnership. He is the best-known man who caters to celebrities through the Middle East. He knows his work very well and highly professional. The company emerged as the only celebrity-marketing agency in the Middle East.

“Well the course has not been easy, but with hard work and persistence a man can achieve anything.” He shares with a smile. Managing and vouching celebrities is not at all a path of roses, but this gentleman had created his image well. Currently, his company is operating through three big locations in the Middle East. It includes yasmine sabri, Maya DIab and Nancy Ajram. “The management includes a lot of work, starting making contact with the agencies, looking for talented people and then looking the right project for them. This whole process is tremendous. But, I really like my work. I enjoy it thoroughly. It is hectic, but at last, pays with a wonderful smile of satisfied clients.” He further shares his experience.

Not only this, he has evolved with changing times. He has not left any stone unturned. He is now going online, with professional celebrity branding campaigns. Surely, he is a dynamic personality who inspires youngsters to embrace change within no time.