Google doodle celebrates Sri Lanka’s Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Sri Lanka!

The present Doodle observes Sri Lanka’s Independence Day, a national holiday saw on the anniversary of the country’s political independence. Likewise with most significant occasions in Sri Lanka, the event is traditionally set apart with oil light lighting ceremonies, a custom many view as representative of the Sri Lankan venture through life.

The light of these oil lights up every Independence day close by the Sri Lankan banner, which is portrayed in the Doodle fine art. Quite possibly the most suffering images of the Sri Lankan banner is the brilliant lion that stands gladly across its maroon foundation. With establishes in the fifth century, the lion implies national strength and the blade it holds upstanding addresses the country’s freedom.

Encompassing the lion in each corner are four leaves of the bo tree which are each meaningful of an uprightness that holds incredible verifiable importance to the country’s kin.