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The present Doodle observes Kenya’s Independence Day, otherwise called Jamhuri Day (jamhuri signifies “republic” in Swahili), one of the East African country’s most huge occasions.

December 12 remembers numerous vital commemorations in the nation’s set of experiences: the date in 1963 that Kenya picked up autonomy and joined the Commonwealth, just as the date in 1964 when the country authoritatively turned into a republic.

Portrayed in the Doodle fine art is the red-green-and-black striped Kenyan flag, which was received the day the country picked up its freedom. The black in the flag represents Kenya’s Indigenous populace, the red means the nation’s battle for opportunity, the green speaks to the country’s bountiful regular scene, and the white represents harmony.

Embellished at the focal point of the flag is a set of lances behind a shield portrayed in the similarity of those conveyed by the country’s Indigenous Maasai individuals—a gesture to the nation’s rich social legacy.

Happy Jamhuri Day, Kenya!

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