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The present Doodle observes Greece’s National Day, in recognition of the day in 1821 when the country started its campaign for independence against four centuries of Ottoman guideline.

Noticed every year on March 25, today celebrates the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of the Greek Revolution—a fight for sovereignty that culminated when Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of revolution over the Monastery of Agia Lavra. Through the London Protocol of 1830, Greece turned out to be officially recognized as a independent state.

Out of honor for this day, the blue-and-white Greek national flag, portrayed in the Doodle artwork, fills the air as an symbol of freedom and solidarity.

Today, the nation’s set of history, liberation, and evolution all through the previous 200 years are praised with events in Greece and around the world.

Happy Ikostí-pémpti Martíou, Greece!

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