Google doodle celebrates Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day for wish the healthy development and happiness of girls in Japan

Happy Girls’ Day, Japan!

The present Doodle honors Girls’ Day, otherwise called Doll’s Day or Hinamatsuri, a yearly festival saw to wish the healthy development and happiness of girls in Japan.

The present occasion, which is one of the nation’s five sekku (occasional celebrations), is customarily set apart with the presentation of elaborate hina dolls (artistic dolls) wearing kimonos worn by the antiquated Japanese royal court of the Heian period (794-1185 A.D.).

Every family observes Girls’ Day in their own particular manner yet the absolute most basic customs incorporate the gifting of hina dolls to the most youthful young lady in the family.

Preparation of occasional foods often complement the celebrations, as chirashi-zushi (a sushi regularly designed with pink rice) with hishi mochi (a jewel formed rice cake) for dessert. Games are another Girls’ Day custom, the most well known being kai-awase, a shell-coordinating game likewise passed down from the Heian time.

While Girls’ Day is generally held for families with young girls, current observances celebrate women at each age.