Google Doodle Celebrates Ghana’s Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Ghana!

The present Doodle honors Ghana’s Independence Day and 64 years since the West African nation turned into a sovereign republic.

At 12 PM on March 6, 1957, Ghana raised its red, yellow, and green striped flag before an expected a large portion of 1,000,000 individuals for the function flagging the nation’s official transition to independence.

The ramifications of Ghana’s freedom had a international effect, as it offered desire to different countries in the region and around the globe to understand their battle for sovereignty.

Ghana’s flag keeps on filling in as an encouraging sign today with its symbolic colors and iconography. As portrayed in the today’s Doodle artwork, the red of the flag represents Ghana’s battle for opportunity, the green connotes its plentiful backwoods, and the yellow represents the natural mineral wealth found in the country’s dirt.

Included in the center of the flag is a five-pointed black star, an image of African unification and emancipation.