Google Doodle Celebrates 50th anniversary of Bangladesh Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Bangladesh!

The present Doodle marks the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh Independence Day, a public holiday that recognizes the country’s affirmation of sovereignty on this day in 1971.

The Savar National Memorial, a national monument based on the outskirts of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka to honor those who battled in the country’s war of independence, remains as the official focal point for the present observances.

Residents pay homage to their national heroes by get-together at the memorial. A significant number of them wear the symbolic green and red colors of the Bangladeshi flag, which is depicted in the Doodle artwork.

The green of the nation’s flag represents the bountiful vegetation that covers a large part of the Bangladeshi landscape, as the red disk emblazoned on the green background symbolizes the rising sun that offers life to the Asian region of Bengal.