FlowerAura’s most popular cake flavours ordered by Delhites

All round the year, life gives us different reasons to celebrate it in the form of various special occasions and festivals of ours or our loved ones. And for each of these special days, a cake surrounding the occasion is much needed, be it a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, friendship day, Rakhi, etc.

It is so important that even if we won’t be able to attend it in person, we tend to send cake to Delhi or wherever our loved ones are residing. Cakes are so much more important that some guests attend various celebratory events just to grab a piece or two of the cake, show-stopping the occasion.

Thinking to pamper our loved ones or to speak of our love for them, we often opt for the best cake which is absolutely unmatched in its taste and appeal. Speaking of the best cake for various occasions to pamper various relations, we have to mention FlowerAura’s cake collection.

Being a pioneer in the baking industry for about 10 years in this business, FlowerAura is one such bakery which offers its customers the different kinds of cakes and desserts, they wished to be served with. Each of their cake is one of its kind and absolutely unique in its appeal.

Also, they are baked with quality ingredients and lots of love by their in house professional bakers. Not just cakes, but they even have cupcakes, jar cakes, heart shaped cakes, vegan cakes, eggless cakes and much more in their online store – all of which are reasonably priced. Delhi or the capital of India is one such place where people love to celebrate all the joys of their life, from time to time.

FlowerAura is one such online bakery which Delhiites loves to trust for notching up the celebration vibes across these special days. Let’s you to through which all cake flavours do the Dilli ke Dilwaale love to relish. 

  1. Chocolate Truffle – Rich, chocolate decadence is meant for every chocolate lover, out there. FlowerAura is known to make its way into everyone’s heart with its luscious, gooey chocolate truffle cakes. 
  2. Black Forest – An authentic German flavour cake from FlowerAura is recognised as one of the bestselling cakes. The exotic appeal and the rich taste of FlowerAura’s Black Forest cake are sure to fan you, its biggest fan. Watch out!
  3. Red Velvet – Delhi is the place for a lover which is why it is often referred as “Dil waaloan ki Dilli”, which is what makes it quite evident why people of Delhi love to relish or to speak of their love over a toothsome red velvet cake. On Vday or on lover’s birthday, Delhi people look forward to ordering their baked pound of love online from FlowerAura. 
  4. Kitkat – Who doesn’t love a wafer coated chocolate bar being infused in a chocolate cake? Kitkat cakes have every Delhite’s heart and FlowerAura is one such bakery whose name pops up every time one thinks of relishing slime quality kitkat cakes in the capital. 
  5. Oreo – Firstly, there comes our favourite cookies and secondly, there comes a chocolate cake base which beautifully compliments the cookie topping. Oreo cakes are the newest fad in the cake industry and ever since the time they were introduced in the industry they have swept everyone’s hearts and taste buds with their unmatched taste and appeal. 
  6. Coffee – This one is for every caffeine addict or the ones who have a soft corner for a coffee. FlowerAura’s coffee flavoured cakes are made from fresh coffee extracts to make the cake absolutely drool-worthy in its taste, flavour and aroma! 
  7. Fruit – Most of the Delhites love to stay fit, healthy and in shape which is why FlowerAura’s fruit cakes are always in demand. A delightful chocolate or vanilla cake base which has been beautifully topped with some freshly chopped seasonal fruits are perfect to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other such special occasions over. 
  8. Blueberry – The citrusy punch to the traditionally sweet cake is one of the specialities of FlowerAura. The taste and appeal of FlowerAura’s blueberry cakes are sure to make a highlight of any occasion, effortlessly.

So, try FlowerAura’s scrumptiously baked cakes in these flavours, next time in Delhi. We are pretty sure that you are bound to fall in love, all over again!

Bon Appetit!