Firas Kazma: An entrepreneur, TV host and a food blogger flying with his own wings

“You put an entrepreneur in different roles, he will prove himself ” and one of the great examples of these lines is Firas Kazma, the man behind the famous blogging page in the UAE.

Firas has transitioned into a simpler life a decade ago. He realized that he wanted to spend more time on handling his businesses altogether, which can be a difficult job. However, it is the most rewarding one of all. All above that, he also started his own blogging page where he records and posts reviews related to famous restaurants and delicious recipes.

His style is simple and easy. His main goal today is to inspire his audience with restaurant reviews and recipes that are creative and healthy. If you scroll through his Instagram or Pinterest page, you will see plenty of delicious-looking meals and restaurants.

Firas is both a businessmen and video creator who specializes in making content while emphasizing simplicity. His food blogging journey began in 2019, which he did by starting an Instagram page known as ‘CEO Street Food’.

Not to be boxed into a strictly foodie corner. However, he wants to share as much helpful advice and information he can with his audience of nearly thousands of people on Instagram, as well as his Pinterest page.

Firas believes that if we manage our time well, we will be able to perfectly balance both profession and passion. Most people blame their profession for not being able to follow their passion but the truth is that they don’t manage time judiciously. The time we spend on idling can be utilized for other endeavours.

Firas also hosts TV show related to food-blogging, but not on a regular basis. But, he still delivers information on a regular basis that can help people. These days, it’s more along the lines of what kind of burgers and pizza’s to make and how to organize your home office. He has gathered up many recipes over the years and has wanted to pass them down in writing, so that others can enjoy his recommendations as well.

You can refer to his website for more information.

It’s not too difficult to see his transition from a businessmen to foodie because of his passion. He grew up surrounded by a group of chefs who loved coming up with delicious and tasty meals. It was this experience that he draws inspiration from, now with thousands of his followers.

Be sure to check out the latest inspiration from Firas Kazma and discover new delicious meals and restaurants in the Middle-East that the entire family will enjoy.

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