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Sapna caterers is renowned caterers in the UK. Who already holds the title of 2017 Guinness World Record for creating the largest samosa in the world, subsequently feed homeless in the world.

They offer a bespoke menu to their clients.

They offer as well as complimentary tasting to qualified leads and usually never lose a booking once the food has been sampled.

Describe to source locally where possible and use highly reputable suppliers only.

There most popular is the 3-course Indian menu.

This is usually tweaked for the client given their preferences, for example, Northern Indian client usually you have to allow for a high number of vegetarian guests and so more vegetarian dishes feature on the menu, while a Pakistani client would be the opposite. Wireless South Indian clients would want to see coconut used in the marinade which is the opposite of what the rest of the subcontinent does.

They are conscious to get to know their clients and take comfort in knowing that we are capable and ever ready to meet their culinary expectations.

Sapna caterers have bagged these  awards and recognition and are proud to be recognized as London’s best Asian caterer

Awards and recognitions

2018 best ever caterer

Asian catering Federation annual award.

2017 award dishes

Great test award for two of our signature

2017 Chef of the Year hotel

Asian curry award at Grosvenor house

2017 Guinness World Record achieved by creating the largest samosa in the world, subsequently fed home in London 22/08 /17 – their chef is the creators of this.

2015 characters of the Year

Asian curry award.

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