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Just close your eyes and try to imagine the open road and you, hitting the road with your family or friends and enjoying the process. Does it sound attractive to you? Of course, it does! Even if you don’t have much money you can find one of the most extreme budget travel methods. It’s all about camping. Payless car rental in Burbank gives you an opportunity to rent a good campervan or a camping SUV for the weekend. Why Burbank? Well, you can hardly find a more pleasant place for traveling than in California. Besides, California is a road-trip friendly country. It’s ok if you picked another state for a road trip. Payless cars are available all over America. But before you decide how to choose the perfect camping car, it is time to narrow down your choice of where to go.



This is the most popular tourist spot for campers and the fastest way to explore how beautiful California is. The climate of Southern California is warm and friendly. You can stay at any camping spot you like in Burbank and enjoy your weekend.

  1. Stay at Hollywood Park

This is probably one of the best-visited camper spots in California. You can see the art murals around the park territory. Of course, Hollywood is a part of the entertainment industry. You can see live comedies, outdoor shows, and many more Hollywood attractions. People say itis a beautiful quiet place, clean and friendly.

2. Stay at Walnut Park

This spot is not actually as quiet as the previous one. You can hardly find any other such an ideal tourist campground where you will live in the wild but in walkable distance from all the blessings of civilization such as restaurants, cafes, local shops. This is the situation when you don’t need to overload your car with many different things. You’d better buy everything you need on arrival. There is a farmer’s market where you are welcomed to buy some fresh ingredients for your camping dinner. In addition to this, the park is situated a dozen miles from Burbank and Los Angeles. You can always get back to civilization for a while. The place is also clean with a heated pool in the middle.

Peter's Camping Van


Before you pick a good car for camping you should know there are three types of camping cars:

  • RV

RV is worth your attention when you are searching for a large but compact camping auto that is easy to control and park anywhere. Nevertheless, you will have enough storage space for your tourist gear and other travel essentials. On the other hand, you will not find some amenities you can find in a larger vehicle.

  • Campervan

This is the best travel auto for small companies. The car is also easy to drive and park with all the needed facilities, including kitchen, bedroom. You will not find the bathroom in the car. You need a motorhome than.

  • Motorhome

This is a vehicle of a large size. This is the perfect car for family trips and long-distance driving. There is always enough space where you can live, sleep, and bath. Also, there is large storage space.

Stop 7 at Jerilderee Caravan Park


1. Age limits

Many car rental agencies have special age limits when you can or can’t drive one or another type of car. Thus, you can’t hire a van when you are under 21. If you need to rent a larger car like a motorhome, you must be 25 and more. Nevertheless, you can find many agencies that are ready to give you a van for rent even if you are 21 with a young driver fee.

2. One-way fee

Traveling from one state to another and hoping to leave your car at the endpoint of your trip and get back home by plane, you will be charged extra for that.

3. Additional features

Decide if you need any additional features in your camping car. It can be anything, including baby seats, GPS navigation, or something else. If you are new at driving such a large auto you may rent RV and stay away from a large motorhome.

South West Motorhome Show

4. Fuel price

Traveling by car you should consider the car mileage and the state fuel prices. Sometimes, the prices are different in different states. Mind it.

5. Bathroom facilities

If you need a toilet and a shower in your car, you’d better rent a motorhome. Most of the campervans are not equipped with a toilet.

Traveling by car gives you more freedom. You can build up your route according to own preferences and stop where you want. Nevertheless, you can’t just stop for the night in the state park. There are special camp spots for that. It’s a big mistake if you think that you can live in your camper van without paying for the place. You are not safe then! It is better to stop at the well-equipped and secured territory and enjoy your camping to the full.

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