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The hype-based, culture-dominating worlds of hip hop and video games still collide.  Maryland artist rapper Fat Panda Tuan, has emerged as a scintillating gamer and artist who has embedded these types beliefs and values into his music.  He believes that video game and anime is the most effective dwellings for the house of hip hop.

Atari: a real Amalgamation of Hip Hop & Gaming

In his music video titled, “Atari”.   A retro classic video game inspired visual praising the classic 80s game console. The music video “Atari” sounds and feels like a video game.  This single is unmatched in its creativity for it’s nostalgic vibes.  If you’re of a fan of vintage visuals with a sprinkle of today’s sonic then this right up your alley.  It seems that Tuan is a huge fanatic of video games and he aspires to play retro classic games. You can see references like the atari system, and the mario and princess peach dolls.  There are moments where it feels like Tuan is a character inside a 8 bit video game. 

Tuan’s true creativity lies within the way he incorpoates his gaming influences within this vibe. He’s unparalleled in his lane as brings forth his unique and matchless gaming expertise in his music.  Link to music video Atari:


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