Explanations on hair and facial mesotherapy, from Dr. Mehran Ehsanian, an Iranian successful doctor

In what cases is mesotherapy useful?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method that helps skin rejuvenation and collagen making by vitamin injections, enzymes, hormones, and herbal extracts. 

Mesotherapy ingredients can target specific skin issues. This method is a certain cure for removing Melasma and healing wrinkles. It also causes skin lift and tightening. Mesotherapy can also be used for acne and scars. 

What is mesotherapy, and what are its ingredients?

Skin mesotherapy is used with different targets for different people, and accordingly the substance combination changes. Finally, the created mixture is injected into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm) within some millimeters’ distance. 

Mesotherapy improves blood circulation under the skin and removes the inflammations that damage the skin. Experts use a variety of mixtures for different cures. 

To gain perfect results in mesotherapy, some consecutive sessions are needed that are determined by the specialist. Especially if your skin is completely damaged, the Hyaluronic acid in the solution can recover the wasted volume, while there are antioxidants and amino acids that have anti-inflammatory effects that make the skin clear, smooth and soft. Other than Hyaluronic acid and other amino acids, the mesotherapy solution generally includes B, C, E vitamins, acetyl hexapeptide 3, and acetyl tetrapeptide 5.

What are the effects of the substances in the mesotherapy mixture?

B, E, C vitamins can help improve skin health and collagen making. Vitamins E and C are effectively reducing the damages caused by free radicals. Each vitamin in the B family (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12) is gained from different resources and has a different effect on the skin. Acetyl tetrapeptide 5 increases the elasticity and general brightness of the skin. Acetyl hexapeptide 3 is the most important anti-aging product of skin and has the same effect as Botox. 

Advantages of mesotherapy of skin

Treatment of striae

Collagen production and rejuvenation

Improving eyelash sagging and darkness around the eyes