Exclusive by Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer: The measure that can protect you in time of Pandemic COVID-19 while working on construction projects

Fortel owner Sat Nijjer is looking to protect people while working in construction projects in this tough situation. He thinks that in the prevailing pandemic conditions of COVID-19, the safety and health of construction workers is a major concern.

In this situation, everyone should keep a focus on following health and safety practices. All necessary measurements for prevention of getting and spreading COVID-19 should be taken in compliance with the requirements and regulations set by occupational health and safety acts. In addition to the regulations set by the health ministry, few resources, best practices, and tips should be followed by the construction workers to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

On the behalf of Fortel he says one of the main reasons for the spread of coronavirus is close contact with people so construction workers should have obligations, for the maintenance of clean construction sites. Workers should have complete access to clean water, antigerm soap, sanitizers, and clean washrooms.

The surfaces which are most often touched such as equipment, door handles, site trailers, and hoists should be properly sanitized. The sharing of power tools and hand tools should be completely avoided. However, if it is much necessary to share equipment it should be sanitized before sharing. 

Being Fortel owner Sat Nijjer thinks that the main reason for the spread of the coronavirus is in close contact with people, especially with co-workers. Some useful tips can be used to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Wash the hands with water, and anti-germ soap, and use alcohol-based sanitizers. Keep in mind that coughing and sneezing should be avoided in the open air, and sleeves can be used for this purpose.

In Fortel or outside it also if you are using tissue, towel, cloth or anything else, don’t forget to discard it properly, and never touch your mouth, nose, and eyes. Avoid visiting, and physical contact with those who are tested positive for coronavirus. Never, go outside, if you are sick, or are experiencing some symptoms of coronavirus.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV disease prevention infographic with icons and text, healthcare and medicine concept vector illustration.

Sat Nijjer has a view that on the behalf of Fortel Physical distance is essential to control the spread of coronavirus so for ensuring the physical distance on the working site the construction workers should consider staggering lunch, staggering start, staggering breaks, controlling movement on the construction site, and limiting unnecessary contact with people.

Although the symptoms of COVID-19 are like symptoms of other diseases, some of these symptoms such as cold and flu do not mean that you are suffering from coronavirus.  But if you are ever feeling sick, must report your illness to the health experts and such employees should immediately go in isolation.

Sat Nijjer thinks that In the pandemic situation, especially public health units are actively working to assist people, and construction workers should be in contact with them. This contact can greatly help to reduce the chances of getting coronavirus.  Fortel is always looking to lead the safety measures.

If any construction worker is tested positive for coronavirus, he/she should immediately stop contact with the co-workers and should report the results to the joint safety, and health representative, trade unions, and to the construction ministry and health ministry or NHS helpline 111.