Ernest In Disguise, A Major Heavy-Weight Joins Solana Blockchain On 28TH November 2021

The development and rise of the NFT space has taken the crypto world by storm, with many people paying up to high 8 figures to claim ownership rights to some digital antique artwork. With many blockchains now developing their own spaces for NFTs; ethereum, which is still the giant of the NFT industry, is seeing a lot more competition within the domain. It’s biggest competitor currently is the Solana network and more specifically, Solana based NFTs, which offer little to no gas/transaction fees as well as lightning quick transaction times. It is on the Solana blockchain that the Ernest In Disguise NFT has been born, an alien NFT hailing from the Cryzal galaxy, visiting planet Earth in his 6,000 unique spooky disguises.

This loveable yet spooky alien was originated by the superb 3-D artist Carlos Dattoli. Having worked on Marvel projects, he is known worldwide for his elaborate designs which are among the best-selling in the market. His latest project, Ernest In Disguise, is highly anticipated with many celebrities such as Bow Wow, Neyo, Fat Joe, Amber Rose and The Game all having broadcasted the spectacular artwork across their social media platforms. It isn’t just celebs that are raving about our friendly alien though, the project has gained significant traction on both their discord and instagram profiles, amassing almost 20,000 followers on both!

So what do the Ernest In Disguise team have planned for their project? Well, they have set up a very extensive minting plan as well as a post-mint plan to ensure that there is plenty of incentive to both mint and hold an Ernest NFT. After the first 25% of the supply is sold during the mint, all those who had minted up until that point will automatically enter into a 66 SOL raffle. From here, they plan to drop some limited edition merch at 50% sold, where 10% of those who had minted during the public sale will be receiving their own custom Ernest NFT on some clothing of their choice! 

Here is where the real magic of the Ernest project comes into view. At 75% sold of their public mint, the team is going to be creating a fully-fledged Ernest comic. The comic is based on the origin story of Ernest, check out their website for a preview. The story details a lonely alien stumbling across earth and his experience with the festive season of halloween. It is here that holders will be able to utilise their NFTs, as the creators are going to be integrating individual holders of the Ernest NFTs into their comic. This means that holders will have the opportunity to showcase their very own NFTs globally, through the comic for many to see and enjoy. 

The last part of their minting process is what the Ernest team call the Ernest Extravaganza. Upon sellout of the project, the team plans to present 100 solana each to the 10 most fortunate token holders. The winners are determined on the grounds 1 non-fungible token equals 1 raffle ticket, so all those that mint an Ernest NFT and hold for the days after the public sale will have a chance at winning this giveaway.

So that’s the minting plan, what about their post-mint plans and utility? Shortly after the minting closes, at an undisclosed time, the Ernest team will be airdropped a free spaceship NFT to all holders that have held their Ernest NFT. The community is dying with anticipation as they are constantly asking the team where exactly this spaceship will lead Ernest.

Also directly following the mint is the team’s plan to maintain the floor price and secondary sale value of all Ernest NFTs. Every week they are going to be sweeping the floor on all secondary marketplaces where Ernest is for sale by using 90% of the royalties generated from secondary sales. 

The last great feature as part of their future roadmap is their Ernest Insiders program where members will be in the decision-making process on where to take the Ernest project next. In conjunction with this, the  Ernest In Disguise Team plans to hold a monthly chat with trading gurus willing to assist Ernest holders navigate the market, entry to this group is only ownership of 2 Ernest NFT’s.  

All in all, we have a dedicated team and a fantastic artist with tremendous hype and promise. With numerous giveaways, utility and community involvement you best prepare for the 28th of November for the Ernest In Disguise drop!