ENGELSINN Announced Record-breaking Sales During Black Friday

Black Friday is the day when most people begin their holiday shopping spree. When you have to get gifts for all of your loved ones, Black Friday deals and markdowns can make all the difference. Generally, people depend on well-established brands. But this year, consumers have been flocking to the website of a new jewelry brand on the block – ENGELSINN. What is it about this online jeweler that shoppers are so attracted to?

Based in Germany, ENGELSINN is an international jewelry brand that offers pancontinental service. On the 27th of November, ENGELSINN announced not just a day but an entire week of markdowns on their extensive silver and gold collection. This “Black Week Sale” announcement received a multitude of excited responses on social media. The anticipated deals sent fans over to the ENGELSINN shopping site. The ENGELSINN team decided to offer up to forty percent markdowns on their already reasonably priced jewelry.

But why did ENGELSINN garner such a resounding response to their Black Friday sales? Fashionistas around the world have been drawn to ENGELSINN since the opening in April 2019. They entered the market offering in-vogue styles like long, thin chains and small pendants. But customers are also drawn to ENGELSINN’s unique branding. Light, welcoming, and optimistic, ENGELSINN offers delightful jewelry during these trying times. Reviewers also enjoy ENGELSINN’s attention to customer support. Their website offers multiple opportunities for feedback and questions.

ENGELSINN entered the market poised and ready to function as an online jeweler. Head of the company, Michel Kania credits their rapid growth and success to a thorough digital marketing strategy. Kania says that he and his team focused on welcoming aesthetics when building the ENGELSINN website. He wanted the website to feel as user-friendly as in-person shopping. The ENGELSINN team has also focused on brand building on Instagram and other social media pages.

Due to the pandemic, consumers have been favoring online shopping over in-person sales. As e-commerce continues to grow during the pandemic, entrepreneurs are looking around at their peers to see what works. Even though ENGELSINN is still a young company, they are emerging as leaders in their industry.