Energy Management: Highlight on Misagh Daraei

Misagh Daraei first realized his passion for environmental and energy management during high school when he chose to research sustainable manufacturing and its impact on global evolution and growth as part of a science fair project.

Daraei went on to receive several awards for his early projects in energy management applied design prior to his college career where he placed significant focus on energy auditing. Daraei states, “In my personal research I have found society responds best to energy saving measures when they can see financial benefits.

Energy efficiency becomes appealing to the population when they become educated on the return of investment, increased quality of life, and increased property value, in many cases.” Daraei helps to evaluate complete energy requirements for various manufacturing processes associated with the function of manufacturing equipment in large manufacturing companies.

While Daraei’s career mainly focuses on large-scale energy auditing he is actively involved in raising societal awareness and education associated with sustainable, energy saving measures within the home or small environments. Daraei has a vast understanding of the economic and social effects of energy management as well as the policy pitfalls that need to be redeveloped with consideration for the environment. Daraei is avidly working with other environmental activists as well as various professionals in the field of energy management to create a platform to impact future trends in a positive manner and address the coming challenges.