EasternWest Translation Agency – The Most Prominent Name in the Translation Industry

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With the advancement in technology, the need to communicate in multiple languages is growing rapidly. However, the process could be time-taking and costly. Errors in translation and interpretation can bring adverse effects on the reputation of businesses. Therefore, assistance from translation companies can bring clear, effective, and accurate communication. In this regard, Easternwest is the most prominent name in the market. The translation company spares a fair amount to ensure effective communication across cultures, languages, and disciplines. The simple and seamless mechanism for the placement of an order is of the greatest significance. With Easternwest, getting international success and attention is a matter of seconds! About 99.2% of the projects are delivered on-time by the company. Since 2011, the translation agency has completed over 26000 projects.

Who can use the Easternwest translation services?

General Businesses

Various businesses who need to get translation services for their business websites, documents, or office works can approach the translation agency. The services can also be attained for the business software to reach the global market. Also, the services can be useful for the translation of employee materials.

General Public

People who are seeking to get certified translation services for their documents can consult Easternwest. The translation agency is a BIG YES for the translation of immigration documents. Additionally, for literary or personal translations, the company can pave the way to success.

Government Officials

Government requires translation for documents like official circulars, applications, letters, or notices. All these services are available under one roof. Easternwest aims at producing error-free and professional translations which leave no margin for rejection.

Finance Industry

Finance industries often seek loan documents, bank statements, reports, mortgages, and contracts translated. Easternwest is the translation agency that meets the translation needs of the finance industry by providing accurate translations. It is one of those companies which fully understands the technicality of finance documents.

Healthcare Officials

Hospitals or health clinics persistently require the translations of documents like discharge instructions, payment slips, patient admission form and many others. The medical industry often requires rapid translations which are only possible by assigning the translation task to EasternWest agency.

What makes Easternwest prominent among other translation agencies?

  1. Quality Policy

The quality of the policy of the company ensures effective international communication. The company aims at achieving the goals of customers to satisfy their needs. Above all, the agency aims at providing services that meet international standards. Very few companies provide error-free services- Easternwest is one of them.

2)    Rates

The customized and highly-affordable packages of the company attract thousands of customers monthly. Easternwest keeps its rates in-tune with the demands of customers- hence making it the choice of many. The company helps businesses in attaining their international goals at affordable prices.

3)    High Accuracy Rate

The professional translators at Easternwest make sure to produce error-free translations. Also, the company proof-reads the translations by their translators. So, with Easternwest there is no chance of error which makes it the choice of many.

4)    On-time Delivery

Very few translation companies meet the deadlines provide by customers. However, Easternwest strictly obeys the deadlines to facilitate its customers. In case of emergency project delivery, the company also goes the extra miles- which is Phenomenal!

5)    Maintains Confidentiality

Only a countable number of companies get successful in maintaining the confidentiality of customers. Easternwest is heading by not compromising on the confidentiality of its customers. That’s why many clients prefer Easternwest over others

Contact Details:

Contact Details:

Website –

Email – [email protected]

Phone No. +82 70.7913.8977

Address – 4F, NH Capital Bldg., Yeouido-dong 45-3, Seoul, Republic of Korea