Dylan Vanas’s Prosper Academy is Paving the Way for Future Generations

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While the education system in the United States outpaces many other countries, it is not without fault. One common complaint among parents and students alike is the lack of practical learning. When students leave high school to go to college or enter the workforce, they often don’t have the skills or knowledge to live on their own in the world. Moreover, they don’t have the confidence to take risks to succeed. This can hamper future generations’ ability to take on important issues on a personal, national, and even global scale.

Fortunately, Dylan Vanas is picking up where many schools left off. Dylan Vanas is an entrepreneur who works to help small businesses and startups grow. Now, he has founded the Prosper Academy, a program dedicated to teaching children vital life skills.

Dylan Vanas’s Vision for Prosper Academy

So, how exactly is Dylan Vanas paving the way for future generations? He’s bringing practical, useful education directly to the students who need it with Prosper Academy. Prosper Academy is an online youth success program for children, teenagers, and young adults to learn important life skills and get the encouragement they need to succeed. 

“I don’t just want to provide a platform where kids can learn how to balance a checkbook,” said Dylan Vanas. “While that is an important skill that generally isn’t taught in schools, I want to do so much more than that. I want these kids to understand why it’s important to know how to balance a checkbook. I want them to know how to manage finances, open a bank account, save for retirement, start a business, take out a loan, create business relationships, and everything else that most adults have to learn on their own. Not only do we teach them these skills, but we also help them understand why they are important.”

Prosper Academy as a Tool for Success

Dylan Vanas wants parents to know that Prosper Academy is not just about learning basic skills, either. It’s also about empowerment and encouragement. Without the right guidance, many children might go out into the world without the confidence to reach their full potential.

“At Prosper Academy, we teach children how to succeed and show them what they are capable of. The world often beats people down with discouragement. We want to do the exact opposite. While I believe in providing everyone with realistic expectations, I also want these kids to know that, when it comes to being successful, the power is in their hands. And, with hard work and a little bit of luck, the sky’s the limit!” – Dylan Vanas

How to Get Involved

Prosper Academy is still in its early stages, but Dylan Vanas has plans for the program to grow rapidly. Students or parents of students who are interested in getting involved can learn more at With Prosper Academy, future generations will learn what schools don’t teach and be ready for success!

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