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A message to guardians as this season’s flu makes the rounds here in Lincoln once more.

We saw the primary spike of influenza in December, yet this month doctors are seeing an ascent locally and nationally.

Starting at now 92 kids have passed on from influenza this season incorporating at least one in Nebraska.

Doctors state the national average which is 100 and they dread they’ll eclipse that number with at least one to two months left to the flu season.

Doctors are seeing a resurgence of seasonal influenza this month.

Doctors Phil Boucher of Lincoln Pediatric Group says the number of influenza cases has expanded every week in February over the county, state, and nation.

Lancaster County information shows Influenza B is essentially influencing those 6 through 29 years of age whereas Influenza A is influencing kids 5 and under as well as those 30 and older.

Dr. Boucher says he’s stressed that guardians may think the flu season is done on account of the spike in December.

“Seeing those numbers rise just makes me feel like there is still a lot of children out there that are at risk, who haven’t had the flu, haven’t had a flu vaccine still, that there’s still a lot of children at risk,” said Dr. Boucher.

Boucher additionally wants to remind guardians that children get serious flu on the off chance that they haven’t gotten the vaccine, and they do get the virus.

Another virus going around is a GI bug that incorporates vomiting and diarrhea, yet doctors state that it is not flu.

It might appear to be a no brainer yet the most ideal approach to keep from becoming ill is to wash your hands and get the flu shot.

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