Determined to grow people’s pages and reach across Instagram is Efthymios Savvidis, the gen-next Instagram growth expert and entrepreneur.

The youngest social media entrepreneur from Greece is all about his grit and passion to make people successful across Instagram.

There is a group of people that always wait for the right opportunities to get and then take their first step towards doing something in their career, and then there is another set of people who only believe in creating the right opportunities at the right time for themselves and take over their respective fields. The digital media world is like a deep ocean, which can provide umpteen numbers of opportunities to people, only if they are smart enough to either catch hold of them or create one for them. Efthymios Savvidis, also known as Makis, is the newest name in the digital space from Greece that has created a lot of buzz within just two years in the industry.

Makis is a 15-year-old Instagram growth expert, influencer and social media entrepreneur, who kept working hard as a teenager, but with a strong will and self-belief to create his unique name in the ever-evolving digital industry. The social media platforms and the online world never failed to catch Makis’ attention, just like it influenced many other youngsters as well. As he realized the tremendous growth of Instagram and how it gave many marketing opportunities to people to boost their pages and presence across the medium, he jumped into the same.

As a young mind, Makis studied as much as he could about how he could turn Instagram as a platform for people’s growth; he learnt a lot many things in the process. He learnt about attracting people more through creative content, growing their handles and increasing the follower base. Makis tried to gain as much knowledge as he could and worked day and night to gain more than 1 million followers network.

Today, as an Instagram growth expert he has been leveraging his colossal follower base to help all his clients taste success like never before, by increasing more engagement on their pages and doubling their follower base and growth on the medium. Makis works like a young leader managing the pages of his clients on Instagram, and promotes models, rappers, brands and companies, etc. to make them reach their goals through the same and help them in multiplying their reach in the digital world.

Makis gets promotions done for his clients and through intelligent strategies and techniques grows his clients, including artists, rappers, brands, etc. to further boost their growth on Instagram. Makis comes as a shining example to all other youngsters worldwide to believe in their dreams and take that first step in becoming a success story.