Daniel Oche Onoja: The Nigerian digital entrepreneur is creating milestones as a financial and success coach

Daniel, as a successful leader in network marketing, points out a few mistakes that aspiring network marketers must stay away from.

It takes a heart and a mind strong enough to enter an industry that is already fiercely competitive and to reach the top of the game in such an industry. This can be considered as a challenging feat to achieve but a few people like Daniel made it anyway.

Whether it’s the forex trading world or the industry of network marketing, there has been no dearth of talented professionals that these industries have given birth to. Still, taking the plunge and diving deep into it proves the commitment and determination of an individual. Showing these same qualities of a leader is Daniel Oche Onoja, from Nigeria, who right since the time he was a teenager believed in his unremitting efforts and gradually reached the top of the business in network marketing, revolving around the digital financial products.

The struggle has been real for Daniel who initially for his interest in computer technology ventured in areas of computer hardware repairs, web application, software installation and maintenance and software vendoring, until he took admission in the University of Abuja in 2009. His early exposure to the field of financial technology got him closer to network marketing also as he saw the colossal rise of the distribution of digital financial products through network marketing.

Through the GLE Team, Daniel kept sharpening his network marketing and leadership skills and finally on the recommendation of his mentor Paulo Tuynman, he joined Omegapro, the giant in the global scene of financial technology, dealing in forex and cryptocurrency trading services. Daniel kept at it and became the first Nigerian and African to achieve the Diamond rank at Omegapro.

Through the process of achieving so much in the industry, Daniel has shortlisted a few mistakes that other aspiring network marketers must avoid according to him.

• Making impractical anticipations: Getting into the field to get rich overnight is a bad decision and a common mistake that people make in this industry, says Daniel. One must be geared up for more work and sleepless nights to ultimately reach where they wish to. For this, making realistic expectations is a good habit.

• Moving ahead with only half knowledge: People must understand that just getting a little information about the industry cannot give them the success they desire, thorough study is required. It is also vital to gather background information about the firm they wish to join and also have an interest in the products they deal in, Daniel believes .

• Incapability to replicate the system: Most of the times, people fail because they try to reinvent the wheels in the process, which doesn’t provide them with the results they need. Daniel says that any modification is not required, as network marketing firms operate with a proven system that has been fruitful for others. Instead of taking this route, Daniel advises that people in the system should practise the “monkey see, monkey Do” approach simply referring to duplication.

Today, Daniel has transformed himself into a successful financial coach who each day keeps sharing the Omegapro opportunity to a strong team of over 20,000 people from places like Africa, Australia, Middle East, Asia and UK even as he continues to conquer many more markets.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at http://danielonoja.com