Dakshineshwar Kali Temple strongly condemned the: ‘Kaali’ poster


Canada-based filmmaker Leena Manimekalai is facing cases in India and threats on social media for a poster of her documentary ‘Kaali’.

Leena Manimekalai’s poster features a woman dressed as Goddess Kaali smoking and it led to outrage on social media and accusations of hurting religious sentiments.

Two separate FIRs have also been filed against the director in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

The Dakshineswar Kali Temple has condemned the incident, tweeting, “But what is shown in the much-discussed poster is never acceptable.”

The temple’s handle tweeted, “As we said before, we still say that there are many places where worship is done with wine, that is the rule there. But what is shown in the much-discussed poster is never acceptable. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple strongly condemned the incident. We made our position clear”.

Ms Manimekalai, born in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai and now living in Toronto, 

She tweeted some bits of what she told a news outlet, particularly a portion referencing India’s trajectory over the past few years. “It feels like the whole nation – that has now deteriorated from the largest democracy to the largest hate machine – wants to censor me,” she posted.

Leena Manimekalai’s Tweet (6 jully 2022)

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