Crusty Crust Reveals the Origins of Its Secret Recipe

Fans and diners know that there’s something special about Crusty Crust. Their signature crust is very rich yet delicate, as if expertly tailored over many years. Now, they reveal that this is indeed the case. The unique recipe has a charming legend that proves just why it is so special.

Just over a century ago, a chef was hard at work in his kitchen. He wanted to create the perfect crust, but each next one that he produced was a failure. He was so angry that he chucked all ten batches away. Humiliated, the chef packed up and left town. His friends and neighbors never heard from him again. One hundred years later, a young boy decided to retrace the steps of this elusive man. He was walking on the path to the chef’s house and all of a sudden, he saw a piece of crust lying on the path. He picked it up, took it home, and examined it thoroughly. It was with that crust that he devised what is today Crusty Crust’s signature recipe: a crust stuffed with cheese and glazed with garlic butter. Fans are raving about it and keep coming back for more on a regular basis.

Crusty Crust puts their heart and soul into everything that they do. They offer a wide variety of classic and special pizzas. Here, customers can find the traditional pepperoni, cheese, vegetarian, chicken, Hawaiian, and local Québécoise. There are specialty offerings on the menu as well, including the “total,” Italian, “Submarine,” Monterey, Western, and “Ambrosia.” Each day, the team prepares their dough in-house, so the only thing that can not be found here is frozen dough. This is what really brings an extra layer of quality to Crusty Crust.

The same goes for all of their other meals. The salads at the pizzeria are always prepared on the day and vegetables are tightly controlled for quality. There are delicious and indulgent sides that span across multiple cuisines, from chicken wings, to onion rings, nachos, and sweet potato fries. Then, there is the pizza dessert, which is a product of its own kind entirely. The pizza dessert consists of fresh dough that is fried on the spot and topped with cinnamon, banana, strawberries, and Nutella. It is the ultimate indulgent flavor and loved by kids and adults alike.

The atmosphere at Crusty Crust’s location is one of happiness and joy. Kids love coming here with their parents. The pizzeria is an excellent place to hang out with friends and even go for a casual date night. Crusty Crust is even debuting custom-made stickers for Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s of this year for a layer of extra holiday spirit.

The innovation and desire to evolve is, to a large degree, thanks to TripleOne, the company that owns and manages Crusty Crust. TripleOne is an incredibly successful decentralized company where users come together to vote on various business projects and invest. The team is highly focused on innovation and improvement in itself and in the businesses they run, such as Crusty Crust.

For more information and to see the menu, visit Crusty Crust’s website.