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In this decade, people crave attention on modern social media. Everything is about having enough likes on an Instagram page or how many retweets your post had on Twitter. Anyone can follow their dreams, the only question is who is willing to follow them all the way? Cristo Noir is that modern artist who represents the futuristic world we all know today.

His creative and perfectionist personality makes Cristo Noir a successful visual artist who has been interested in photography and videography since
his youngest age. The artist’s dream like universe is the expression of his imagination, designed to actively disturb minds. At the age of 19 Cristo Noir
founded 12 NOIR, a company that specializes in design, art, fashion, music, and video production. How many people can say they manage their own
company at the early age of 19? He has worked with many celebrities including Lana Scolaro, Hella Sketchy, Molly O’Malia, and Crea Tyler. Over the years Cristo Noir has worked on various projects via his Instagram accounts and has gained over 300,000 supporters worldwide.

Cristo Noirs Instagram is full of enlightened and modern images. The images are very bright and mostly contains Juuls, to express his young creative mind. Globally, Cristo mainly aims for a younger audience because they can relate more to his work than older people. An older person might see Cristos artwork and think whats so important about a flash drive? The Juul is the modern form of a cigarette these days, its important to know how evolution occurs and what changes were made from history.

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