Creating a success story like no other, make way for digital entrepreneur and artist Kevin Sacchi.


Crossing a +1million on Instagram had him perform rigorous efforts and constant innovations as an artist and businessman from Italy.

People worldwide attain success by focusing on what “different” they can provide those they cater to or serve, not just by working aimlessly in their fields. Also, many individuals and professionals fall into the rat race, trying to have the edge over their competitors always, but the success game is quite different. It comes to those who, instead of following the crowds, pave their own path to growth and innovation. Kevin Sacchi understood this very early in life and thus went all in at a very young age to pursue his dreams in music as an artist and in business as a digital entrepreneur.

Having the courage to question norms in music and business both as a young Italian guy had him face innumerable struggles on his path. But all this never dimmed his light within, and he went on the journey to create unimaginable success for him in the business and music realm. Today he has earned +1million on Instagram, and that has changed his career entirely, pushing him forward as a man of versatility and astute skills. The digital industry has been one space that has given umpteen number of opportunities to people across the world, but Kevin Sacchi created new opportunities for him to make a unique standing for himself as a self-made success story.

His digital agency KS Digital Force serves as a great example of his hard work and creative ideas as a digital entrepreneur, earning an extensive list of clients as a communication agency, which has already managed more than 300 accounts, serving businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, artists, VIPs, companies and many others. This has made him a known social media manager already at 22 years of age. He expanded his entrepreneurial vision into another business of his in 2022 in the form of Kevin Sacchi Brand, which is growing as a clothing brand under the creative vision and direction of Kevin Sacchi.

As if attaining so much as a digital entrepreneur wasn’t enough for him, Kevin Sacchi proved his excellence in music also as a pure Italian musical artist. His growing prominence can be proved by the recognition and plaudits he is bestowed with known as the Father of the Balkan Hits, immersing Balkan melodies in the music scene in Italy and becoming the first artist to do so.

All his songs like Human Race, Gold Rain, Last Master, Mister Balkans, Mister Worldwide, Trip to Russia, Trip to Dubai, Blue No Cap, Mente da Star, and Mister Manele have only raised his stocks in the music world in a short span.

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