Community Lies at the Heart of Astrofit

Many people go to the gym hoping to make friends and be welcomed in a friendly atmosphere. What happens more often than not, however, is that they find a lot of posturing going on as well as too many people who act self-absorbed about their practice. Astrofit is very different from the status quo, though. The revolutionary fitness center is owned by TripleOne, a decentralized company where users from all over the globe collaborate on various businesses. Community is a big deal here and one of the top goals the facility has set out to achieve for its clients.

Anyone is welcome at Astrofit and the clientele is truly varied. From crazy busy entrepreneurs who only have 20 minutes a day to spend on their workout to the equally busy mom who has an entire household to run, people come to Astrofit to get great results fast. Each of the seven trainers on staff is uniquely qualified to help in different arenas. The staff puts fun back into fitness. Here, it’s very uncommon to see someone bobbing up and down on the elliptical or bored to death during a treadmill walk.

At this revolutionary fitness facility, training is targeted, personalized, and dynamic. This is the very reason why so many people are choosing Astrofit over the competition. The gym recently proved its loyalty to its customers when it began delivering live online workouts for people at home during the pandemic. This is truly going the extra mile, and the efforts did not go unnoticed.

Astrofit is excited to welcome its members to three stellar locations in Quebec, one in Montreal, one in Laval, and the one in Blainville. Sanitation is a top priority as well, and that is being upheld to the highest possible standards.

Training at Astrofit feels liberating. With a supportive community, anyone of any level feels nothing but welcome. There is no intimidation or any reason to feel shy about being at the gym. To add to its holistic approach, Astrofit offers nutritional support as well. Everybody is unique and responds to a different regimen. This is exactly what the trainers here are all about. They take private clients on a one-to-one basis and determine what truly works for them, as opposed to prescribing the same old recipe that more often than not malfunctions.

All the smiling faces at Astrofit don’t lie — people visit the gym day in and out, having fun with their workouts, growing, and truly enjoying their progress. The gym has some incredible testimonials where customers state how they’ve truly transformed their lives and how far they’ve come between the moment they stepped into the facility to the present day.

The athletic challenges at the gym contribute to its overwhelming community vibe. Perfect strangers become friends after performing 50 burpees together. Everyone is congratulating the person next to them for persevering and that is what really keeps people coming back for more. It’s truly rare to see this type of environment at a fitness facility anywhere in the world. Astrofit is one of the very few gyms that brings fun back into fitness.

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