CEO of Attention Grabbing Media, Manuel Suarez, and his Self-Made Success

Sometimes, you need to be your own hero instead of waiting around for someone to help you. If you don’t take action that will get you out of your misery, no one else will. Manuel Suarez didn’t have an excellent beginning in his life. Born into a low-income family in Puerto Rico, Manuel didn’t have many conveniences.

However, he was a pro tennis player, but the promising career he had as a sportsperson went in vain. First, very early in his life, Manuel Suarez had to face bankruptcy. Things then took a turn for the worst when Manuel got pulled into bad habits by the wrong people. With a little help from his late father, who was a pivotal part of his success, he began to rebuild his life.

Motivated to create a real future for himself and his family, Suarez started networking and listening to people who had proven they were successful. This inspired him to create and grow  his first  Amazon-based e-commerce company that quickly became very successful. He then sold that business for millions and started his next venture: Attention Grabbing Media, a marketing agency offering an array of services to small businesses all over the world. Through Manuel’s thirst for knowledge and work ethic, his company started making eight figures in revenue in no time.

In just a few short years, Manuel Suarez’s company grew from 5 to over 90 employees. His innovative social-media-driven strategies have been responsible for the record-breaking growth  of several well-known personal brands including Dr. Eric Berg, the ‘Keto King’, Frank Suarez of MetabolismoTV, and others. He’s also worked with a few acclaimed celebrities including Daymond John, the late Chick Corea, and Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson). Over the years, he’s even been invited to speak on stages worldwide about his expertise in social media advertising.

Manuel Suarez rose from rags to riches all because of his dedication to learning and searching for new opportunities. Despite all odds, he decided not to give up. Because if he did, he would be losing his self-worth and what he knew he was capable of. His story is an inspiration to all others who wish to turn their life around for the best.