Björn Seiz, aka O5O, a prominent serial entrepreneur explains how businesses can sustain amidst a pandemic

The young serial entrepreneur has created his unique niche in the blockchain and crypto space and also consults other multi-million dollar companies for success.

Things have been quite difficult from the past year owing to the disruptions caused by a global health pandemic. This led to the closing down of businesses, where many entrepreneurs had to face these grave times. They went clueless about how to sustain in the vast business world and many lost hope in the process. However, Björn Seiz, aka O5O, who stands tall as a consultant, investor, speaker, author and a serial entrepreneur, thriving in the crypto and blockchain industry has come up with a few steps that can help businesses to sustain amidst the pandemic.

In times of crisis like this, it becomes even more important for companies to create a plan to sustain themselves in their respective fields. The 29-year-old serial entrepreneur lays out a few steps to help entrepreneurs with the clarity they need that will allow them to control their cash flow and establish operational resilience.

• Create a great communication plan: It is said that one can never communicate too much in trying times like these. Björn Seiz says that entrepreneurs must create a great communication plan targeting employees, customers and suppliers. They can craft a clear and concise message, give regular updates and optimize technology to remain in contact and send important messages.
• Reach out to customers and suppliers: Entrepreneurs need to focus on being in contact with their customers and suppliers to let them know they are still working out plans to better serve them. Entrepreneurs can contact their customers and confirm that their existing and planned orders are on track. They can also propose additional services to explore more options that can help them with additional cash. In the case of suppliers, entrepreneurs can contact them for the timely delivery of supplies.
• Compile weekly rolling cash flow plan: By compiling this data, Björn Seiz says it will allow people to exactly determine how much working capital they need. They can curate a spreadsheet that can itemize the cash flow weekly, where they can list cash inflows, cash outflows, etc.

Björn Seiz has tried to go beyond boundaries to be of help to many other entrepreneurs of the world with his O5O movement, which is about showing them the path towards attaining their desired success. The talented entrepreneur is today the head honcho of his startup in the crypto and blockchain industry, which has now reached the market capitalization of $4.2 billion and has gained a worldwide presence.

To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @o5o_official.