Become a Certified Financial Analyst Professional – The New Rules for Accredited Certifications in Finance

In the last 30 years, many financial manager certifications have become popular for professionals in:  banking, economics, investments, and the insurance industry.  In recent years, some certification bodies have become ISO Certified or Accredited.  The GAFM International Board of Standards offers a financial analyst designation for professionals who have earned an accredited graduate degree from a top university. Here are the details: 

AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®

Designation Essentials
Status Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization
Issuing Organization GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ®
Experience and  Educational Requirements
Prerequisites 3+ years of financial analyst or planning experience in the finance, banking, economics, tax, investments accounting or insurance industry.
Education Requirements Eligible candidates must successfully complete at least one of the following: GAFM – approved degree (graduate or undergraduate) in finance, tax, accounting, financial services, law or a CPA, MBA, MS, PhD, or JD from an accredited school or organization Five or more approved and related courses from an AACSB or ACBSP accredited business school or GAFM sanctioned program GAFM Executive Certification training course
Examination Type People who have already taken accredited program exams at a government recognized business school or college do not need to take any further exams or assessment.
Continuing Education Requirements 15 hours per year
Verification and Accreditation
Check Professional Status Online Click Verification of Member Online link from Global Academy of Finance and Management Verify
Accreditation Alliances ACBSP Graduates Qualified; The CHEA Council of Higher Education Standards Alliance; The Arab League’s Arab Academy Alliance.
Accredited By TUV Accredited in Europe – ISO 9001 Certified and ISO 29990 Accredited  ( Not subject to BREXIT )

This information has been seen in the FINRA and Investopedia  education guides online.   GAFM Board of Standards is the first certification body to be accredited by the EU TUV and ISO 29990 Certified for Training. GAFM offers 2 premier certifications in banking.  The first is the Accredited Financial Analyst ® and the second is the Chartered Wealth Manager ®

To become an ACP Accredited Certification Provider for the Global Board of Standards, go to and contact the board. We are looking for MOOCs and training providers in key countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, China, Russia, the USA and Latin America who already deliver  financial analyst related courses to become Accredited Providers.


The GAFM’s International Board of Standards & the Global Academy of Finance and Management ®   The IBS/GAFM  is an EU Accredited Certification Body that partners with accredited business schools and training companies to provide “Certification Programs”. The Board of Standards has 30+ Trademarked Certification Programs in Business, Finance, Economics, Banking, Compliance, Human Resources, and Project Management. IBS/GAFM is a  TUV Accredited and ISO 29990 Certified. We have agreements with the CHEA & ACBSP to accept exams & courses from 1000+ Accredited Business Schools and we work with greats such as Thomson Reuters and  Informa to provide certification programs. The GAFM has been a professional member of ICE, AACSB, ACBSP, IOQM, TUV, NBEA and many other educational bodies. Attorney George Mentz is a Doctor of Jurisprudence with an MBA and International Law Credentials along with various other governmental law licenses.